All Natural Goat Milk Based Body Products has partnered with Red Ranch, the makers of the Goat Milk Creation we use in our gift boxes. We love our goats milk based soaps and that is why we incorporated them into our collection of Succa gift boxes.

All soaps are made with fresh Milk & Kefir from Alpine goats on Erd Ranch located in Southern California. These soap bars are great for washing hair and body. They are all composed of food grade lye, oils varies: coconut, grape seek, olive sunflower, red palm, castor oil, tallow, lard, shea butter, and neem oil. So southing to the skin.

Our mens gift boxes usually have the charcoal and mint bar or the lavender and green tea variety. Our other collections vary from Lavender, Green Tea, & the delicious Lemon Meringue we incorporated in our Succa For California Gift Box. Try them all.

Our soaps are freshly made which means they smell YUMMY and when the person opens a Succa gift box..., the aroma is delightful.

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