Create Your Own Succulent Gift Box

We have given you the ability to choose your side gift when sending someone a succulent gift box..., items such as the type of goats milk soap with ingredients such as Lavender, Lemon, Charcoal, & Green Tea...., OR, weather you want a Giant Rubber Duck, A Soy Candle, even an Amethyst Crystal and other gift items ideas..., whatever YOU choose you want included with your succulent gift box, we will create that succulent gift box for you.

Doesn't matter why we are creating a succulent gift box, maybe a birthday gift box, a wedding gift for the bridesmaids, groomsmen, or anyone in the wedding party, we can try to to create that succulent gift box for you. Are we celebrating a Congratulations on you New Home, Congratulations on your New Baby, or just want to send someone a succulent gift box to simply say Thank You, we have a thank you succulent gift box already buy you can create your own Thank You Gift Box yourself. Whoever is getting your gift box, we know that sending a succulent gift box will make you happy and whoever is receiving a gift box with a a succulent in the gift box........will be a Succa about it. Getting a succulent plant gift box will certainly make anyone smile! Every gift box that includes a succulent is being shipped out with FREE DELIVERY out of Southern California.

So create the best succulent gift box you want to send to someone you are a Succa about today..., we are a succa for fun gifts that are unique, so send a succulent gift box with a succulent and some other fun gifts.

Your succulent plant gift delivery will not only be Free Delivery but we send every box priority mail with a tracking number for its safety and your peace of mind. So send a Succa gift to mom, gift box to boyfriend, or anyone you love and they will love you back.

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