Support A Small Business This Holiday Season like

We found at least 7 reasons to support a small business this holiday season like this HOLIDAY SEASON. We have succulent gift boxes for all occassion including our Christmas gift box we call Jolly. This succulent gift box aslso includes a handcrafted goat's milk soap called Winter Christmas, and a fresh smelling soy candle.

Regardless of which box you choose, in lean times like these, consumers pinch pennies and eliminate most luxuries and that is why we kept our prices reasonable and why we offer FREE SHIPPING nationwide.

In such a volatile environment, smaller, local businesses like count on your patronage in order to stay afloat; every transaction is precious to us and we appreciate every order we get. So when deciding where to spend your hard-earned dollars on this years holiday gifts, consider the benefits of turning to ASucca$ when buying a gift box for someone you love or are a Succa about...

There are far-reaching advantages to deciding to “shop local.” By supporting local businesses like, you are in turn supporting your local economy; significantly more money stays in a community when purchases are made at locally owned – rather than nationally owned – businesses. The U.S. Small Business Association and the U.S. Department of Labor report the positive impacts of small, independent business on local economies.

  • Local businesses are more likely to utilize other local businesses such as banks, service providers, and farms.

  • For every $100 you spend at local businesses, $68 will stay in the community.

  • Independent retailers return more than three times as much money per dollar of sales to the community in which they operate than chain competitors. Independent restaurants return more than two times as much money per dollar of sales than national restaurant chains.

  • Small businesses employ 77 million Americans and accounted for 65% of all new jobs over the past 17 years.

In addition to helping build the local economy, there are also notable intangible benefits that come from supporting businesses in your local community.

  • Local businesses are owned and operated by your neighbors! They care about and are invested in the well-being of your community and its future.

  • Local businesses are more accountable to their local communities and donate more money to non-profits.

  • Supporting local businesses is good for the environment because they often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies.

So this holiday season, when doing your Christmas shopping, come shopping at and see what we have to offer! You could discover some great products and services while helping to build a strong and successful community around you.

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