We are A Succa For LOVE

Are you looking for Valentines Day Ideas?

Need a unique gift? Like free shipping?

Better yet, going to a Valentines Day Party and need to bring a hostess gift?

We got this....

Most florist know that Valentines Day is one of the biggest day of the year… no different if your ship Succulent Gift Boxes nationwide and sell succulent gifts at the local markets.

We love the idea of love and that is why our customers love our succulent gift boxes, our succulent pot that accompanies the baby succulent in each box can be customized and will fit every Valentines Décor you are seeking to send as a gift. Our Succa for You or DIY plant your own box is a great DIY Valentine’s Day Treat. Less calories and more fun.

We do all occasions, a Succa birthday gift box, a Succa California gift box, we have a whole collection of Succulent Gift Boxes we ship for free nationwide. Yes, our succulent gift boxes have free shipping and if you love sending succulent plants as a gift, we are it.

Our succulent gift box delivery makes it easy for you, the receiver and once the receiver gets the succulent gift box and it’s baby succulent and the other goodies inside, you will always have a traceable number. We ship priority and we know when all our succulent gifts boxes are shipped and received with a tracking number for peace of mind. Our succulent plant gift delivery makes it easy for you so you don’t have to deal with it, and knowing that it’s traceable makes it easy to send a succulent gift box with

So start working with us more, send succulents as gifts for any occasion. We will also have succulent gift boxes for weddings, succulent gift boxes for adults and children. Succulents make fun gift and we will send the succulent gifts box for free shipping for you.

Are you seeking to send a succulent garden gift, try our plant your own succulent gift box set as a DIY Valentine’s Day idea, they will love you for it….

So we are a succulent gift box near you because we ship, from Southern California but always fresh, made with love, and sun kissed.

Will you be our Valentine? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram for updates on our collection of succulent gift boxes and other succulent gifts we sell in Southern California.

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