What makes us different? TheNuts and bolts

We are not just a Succulent gift box company because we also include candles, handmade soaps, crystals, rubber duckies, and more. Others may just sell the plants, we include a couple of other goodies that make the adult or child succulent gift box unique a smash.

Our Succa gift sets are for all occasions and for the occasions we forgot, we do custom gift boxes too. You can choose the items that go in the gift box, or we can work with you and your products to create one. Example, the Wedding succa gift box, we can include a ribbon matching the bridesmaids dresses, or the theme of your special event and day.

Each Succulent plants gift box will have an adorable succulent that we choose depending on seasons and weather conditions, that are super happy and healthy. We get all our plants in Murrieta California at a specialty succulent nursery. Our relationship with our nursery for all our succulent purchases is amazing. We enjoy what we do, but sometimes enjoy our partners just as well.

Weather you are getting a birthday gift box, a Thank You Succulent Gift Box, or A Just Because Gift Box, we put love into each box. We acknowledge that a special person is getting the Succulent Gift Box so we make sure it's perfect in every way. Just the way you would expect us to do it.

So Succa for Fun, A Succa for an occasion, regardless...., contact us anytime you want to make someone smile with a fun, unique gift that will last way longer than flowers.....

Where is the Succa Gift Shop near you? Here. We ship for free, nationwide so just go to our products, find the perfect succulent gift box, and it will go our and be traced until it reaches the door or someone you are a Succa about.

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