Wonderful Year has been humbled by the last year of meeting people all over the United States and introducing our succulent gift boxes to our local and visiting friends. We have met people from all over the world at our markets and the feeling is mutual from across the globe...., it's been a difficult two years.

Our succulent gift box sets and super unique and have made some of those around the USA a bit happier and that is why we created our gift box company..., for a smile.

Weather we sent a new baby congratulations, birthday gift box, thank you gift box, wedding succulent gift box, or any occasion..., each succulent gift box was made from LOVE. People all over the world just love succulent plants, that's one reason why we use them in each gift box. We celebrate ALL holidays and create custom succulent gift boxes with free delivery.

If you are seeking a unique gift idea, your search is over...., we are a perfect solution for those who seek unique gifts and we incorporate a succulent in each box.

Our 2-4 day carefully wrapped plant gift box set offers free delivery through the USA and helps we track each box until it's received


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