Yoga Girl Found At Vail Headquarters on Tuesdays 9-1

We wanted to inform all our local Succa followers and neighbors that we are going to be located and found, each Tuesdays, at Vail Headquarters in Temecula California from 9-1.

Each month we will release a new item or two..., such as the month of February, we have YOGA GIRL which is the fan favorite. She comes in two sizes and styles but equally as beautiful regardless of size. She is adorned with a cluster of succulents that are stunning.

Our customers have placed her both inside and outside, since she is made of cement, she can handle the weather. Used near poolsides, bathrooms, and as a part of anyones home decor, this beauty can complete the look and bring some peace into your design. She can be located in a Yoga Studio or any Salon that wants to enhance the Zen interior they are going for.

Because she is heavy, we can not ship her nationwide like we do our Succulent Gift Boxes, but for our locals in Southern California, near the Temecula Region, she is very much loved by all genders and all ages. Great for Valentines Guys....., she will love it. I only have a limited supplies so first come, first serve but no problem, we have so many wonderful Succulent Gifts that are unique and she or he will LOVE.

We ship our Succulent Gift Boxes For Free Nationwide and do most of our online business without having a store but we want to also have a place to see our customers each week to discuss life, anything they want to purchase, and any upcoming event that needs to have a Succulent Gift Box as part of the occasion. Weddings are one of our biggest succulent gift offerings that can be totally customizable.

Corporate Succulent Gift Boxes are not only unique, but affordable and with our flexibility, can make the Succulent Gift Box look complete with your logo or items included in the Gift Box.

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